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Meet Robbie Callahan, 19 year old bundle of energy from the Dallas, Texas area. Robbie stands 5'11" tall, weighs about 150 lbs., has brown hair and green eyes, and an appetizing 7" dick. Robbie came to us by way of referall from Eric Austyn. "Yeah, Eric auditioned me in the back seat of his car", Robbie claims. "It was really hot! I kinda wanted to meet up again, but Eric told me to apply to Citiboyz, so I did. And I'm having great sex (and a great time) but still lookin' to hook up with Eric again!". Robbie identifies as bisexual, and has a girlfriend back home in Texas, but he's really a sexual creature down deep and loves everything about it. "Except for rimming, maybe", he tells us. "I just don't know about that yet, haha. But sucking, fucking, I'm ready!". Like many models of ours his age, sexy Robbie is into techno music and finds that it gets him horny besides improving his mood. "Fuck yeah, it sure does. Put on some good mixes, bring on a hot boy or two, and look out. Get the cameras going cuz Robbie is gonna fuck tonight!". Look for a lot more from this sexy young treasure of a man.

Page Published 1/3/13

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Robbie Callahan

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Allboy Magazine (May/June 2013)

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