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What a stud, yes? Meet 22 year old St. Louis boy Ryan Michael, fresh off the bus from Texas and right into our studio! That's right, Ryan only arrived a few days before we shot him, spotted by our photographer as he was leaving a dance club with friends. "Yeah, I remember the surprise, man... you just coming up and handing me a business card. I was like shocked and flattered at the same time", he told us. But it didn't take him long to decide to get before the cameras. "You're right about that", he laughed. "I guess it's just something I always wanted to do". Ryan's 6'1" tall, about 170 lbs. of studliness, with brown hair, brown eyes and a very sexy 7" dick. The tattoos and scars give him that "bad boy" look so many of us are turned on by. Sexually, he's mostly a bottom. "Oh hell yeah! I mean, sure I can fuck a guy too. But there's nothing like the feeling of a hard cock in your ass... fucking your brains out. That's definitely how I like it".
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Ryan Michael

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