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Beautiful San Antonio, Texas, is home to 19 year-old Sabastian. And although that city is loaded with hot latino boyz, it's hard to imagine any more popular than fair-skinned Sabastian. Smooth and slender... hung like a horse (8.5")... soft-spoken with just a hint of accent... smooth asscheeks that just beg to be squeezed... accomplished at giving oral pleasure... and one of the best bottom boyz we've ever seen. Words are just not enough to describe this young man's appeal... you just have to see him in action to appreciate it. "Wow, what a compliment!", he laughed. "If that was a pickup line, I'd be all yours!". Seriously, though, Sabastian is a dream-boy that you have to watch in action. "Well, I'm all about giving my best... whether it's porn or one on one with a guy I'm into. What can I say? I fuckin' love sex!". By day, Sabastian has an office job. By night, he's king of the party scene, and many parties just don't get started until he arrives. "Hahaha. Yeah, I do like to make an entrance! And I can dance, too!". We saw that first-hand in our recent shoot with him. You can feel the excitement and the energy that surrounds this hottie.

[April 13, 2006]
Sabastian makes the cover of Zip Magazine! Zip is a french-language magazine that's distributed throughout Canada. This issue features an in-depth interview with Sabastian, new exclusive pics shot by Citiboyz director Steve Shay, and images from Sabastian's videos. We congratulate Sabastian on achieving some fantastic publicity!

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Sabastian Nohart

Featured in:
Playguy Magazine (Feb. 2006), In Touch Magazine #316 (2005), Zip Magazine (Apr-May 2006)

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