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When the time came to cast models for a recent shoot in Orlando, the boss really wanted Santiago but we didn’t think we’d get him since he’s fairly well in-demand by the bigger studios. So we were really excited when he said “yes’ and we think it was great match for our studio. Santiago is so busy because he’s (1) a consummate performer, professional and equipped and (2) speaking of equipment…. an 11” dick is a wonderful thing to have. “Oh stop”, he laughed”. “I always thought it was too big… but then in high school when I started comparing I realized I had a gift”. So besides the giant cock, Santiago has a great sensuality about him… slender… cute face… beautiful lips. He appears taller on video, but he’s a compact 5’8”, 145 lbs. Black hair, brown eyes. He’s no stranger to sex, of course, and is one of those porn stars who seem to be able to get hard and shoot a load on demand. “Haha, I don’t know about that, but I think it’s all about the chemistry between the performers and I was really pleased to see how carefully you guys select scene partners and how much you care about making us comfortable on-set”, he said. We certainly hope to bring our viewers more of Santiago in the future.

Page Published 10/20/18

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