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Meet Scotty Zee, 20 year old straight boy from the St. Louis area. And a genuine "bad boy" to boot. You only need look at his tatted body to know this young man isn't the boy you take home to your Mom... unless you want to hook him up with her. "Oh hell yeah", he laughed at the suggestion. "Gotta love a hot MILF. I've banged a lot of them in my life. Sure, girls my age are cute and sexy, but an older woman that knows what she's doin' can get me harder than fuck". Scotty stands 5'10", weighs 165 lbs. and is blessed with 11" of man-meat between his legs. "It's a blessing alright", he plainly states. "I give them the blue-eyes treatment and then when I get 'em just where I want 'em, I whip out my big fuckin' dick and lay some fuckin' pipe!". Sadly, it's not likely we're going to get him to fuck a guy, but hey... we're lucky to get as close as we did.

Page Published 2/16/14


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Scotty Zee

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