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What a hottie! 19 year-old Sean Tyler, from Wisconsin. By day, this lanky stud attends college studying the culinary arts, but by night he's out clubbin' and having fun till the wee hours of the night. "It's a great life, being young!", he kidded us. "I mean, I have all this energy and stamina... I'm horny all the time... so many hot guys around... what am I supposed to do? Somebody's gotta fuck 'em. Might as well be me!". At 6'1", slender sex-machine Sean is awesome appearing in-person... but seeing him undress and get naked was better. He's smooth... hung... sensual... all you could want... and with a personality that matches. "Well, that's really sweet!", he stated. "There's no point to being a jerk... you'll pick up so many more guys when you're nice... of course it doesn't hurt to flirt a little... squeeze a dick.. tongue in the ear.. ya know?". Sexually, this young Adonis is completely versatile, and he proved it on our very first shoot. Sean's an awesome addition to the Citiboyz family, and we hope to bring you a lot more of this cutie!
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Sean Tyler

Featured in:
Playguy Magazine
(May 2005),
In Touch Magazine #316 (2005)

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