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Str8 boi (yes, it's true) Spike, 19 year old hottie from Indianapolis, came to us with a strong desire to show off his body. He's really interested in performing in str8 porn, but in the meantime he's satisfying his curiosity by just being in front of any cameras he can find and, of course, we're lucky he found ours! But this boi is so attractive... so sexy... that it just might be worth the time to shoot a str8 video. What do you think? "Hell yeah!", he laughed. "I would do that for sure. I have some really hot girls in mind, too. Lots of 'em around Indy would do porn, especially if they're gettin' fucked by somebody like me, not some Ron Jeremy troll!". What does he like to do in bed? "Well, I loooove pussy. I just do. I'll lick it, fuck it.. whatever. I like fucking ass too, so who knows... maybe someday you'll talk me into sticking my dick up some guy's butt. Ya never know". In the meantime, you'll just have to check out hot, young Spike doing his Citiboyz solo jackoff!
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Featured in:
Inches Magazine (Sept. 2005), In Touch Magazine #316 (2005), Allboy Magazine (May 2005)

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