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Meet Travis West, 19 year old cutie from Miami, Florida! Travis stands 5'7", weighs 140 lbs., has light brown hair and blue-ish eyes. And a massive 8" cock. Yeah, it's a nice one, wow! Travis attends college, studying to be a veterinarian, and works part time as a server at one of the trendy restaurants on Lincoln Road in fabulous South Beach. "Oh, I love it there", he told us. "It's like a nonstop parade of hot gay guys all night long. I can't concentrate on work sometimes for all the guys checkin' me out... my gaydar is sensitive". Travis went on to tell us that he's 100% top, but versatile when it comes to sucking dick. "Sure, I love deep throating a hot cock as much as any guy. I love getting it all wet and slippery... and I love the slurping sound... oh man that's a turn on". Well, now you know a little more about our boy Travis... for any more info you'll just have to post a comment and see if he answers!

Page Published 3/18/10

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Travis West

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