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Aww, look at this cutie! It's Tristan Sterling, 19 years old and from Orlando FL. Tristan was really happy with the t-shirt we gave him, so he posed with it for pics. "You made me!", he laughed. Well, yeah. We did. "But I love the shirt, and more than that I really loved working with you guys. It was just for a weekend, I know, but it was so much fun. And the sex was great too!". Tristan works during the week, so yes... we could only get him over the weekend. But we'd love to have him come back and do more for us. He's definitely a charmer with a great dick (8" fully hard) and he's versatile. "Well, yeah. I just enjoy sex in all its flavors. I think you miss out on a lot if you're just one thing, like a top or a bottom or whatever. Sex makes everything in my body feel good, so I'm gonna keep trying stuff". Expect to see more from this talented young guy!

Page Published 8/21/10

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Tristan Sterling

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