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Meet our cute little skaterboy Tristan Tyler, 18 years old (yes, he is) from Boulder, Colorado. Tristan's kind of a drifter... isn't in school... no job... but manages to earn funds teaching skateboarding, and snowboarding in the winter. He's 5'6" tall, weighs just a wisp over 120 lbs, and packs a nice 7" uncut dick between those smooth thighs! And he's got a cute ass that loves to be pounded hard, too! "Fuck yeah, man!", he laughs. "I'm really into older built dudes, like with ripped bodies and shit, ya know? The jock or fratboy look but really toned. Boyz like that get me so freakin' hot. I just wanna bend over and let 'em fuck me for hours, man!". While he was telling us this, he was stroking his dick through his boxers (yes, he stripped to his boxers for his interview). This is one horny boi. "Haha, oh hell ya! You just wait, dude. I'm gonna show you how a boi sucks dick and takes cock like a man. You just wait!". Well, guys, enjoy Tristan!

Page Published 8/18/07

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Tristan Tyler

Featured in:
Playguy Magazine (Oct. 2009), Allboy Magazine (Aug/Sep 2009)

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