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Although we don't normally hire established "porn stars", we're happy to have 21 year old Trystian Sweet joining the Citiboyz family. Trystian's located in San Francisco, and has worked for many of the A-List studios, such as Falcon, Channel 1 and Hot House. "But I really love your boys!", he told us. "I went looking around for a reputable studio to work with, and everybody recommended Citiboyz. And it's been a great experience. I love you guys. You guys rock!", he told us. This handsome young stud stands 5'10" tall, weighs 160 lbs. and sports a beautiful 7" dick. He's 100% top, he says. "Yes. I don't bottom. You don't have enough money to see me bottom", he laughed. "But I'm a great top. I get hard and I stay hard. I can fuck for hours. And I'm aggressive and verbal". Trystian's skills definitely shine in the work he's done for us, so check him out!

Page Published 4/27/08

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Trystian Sweet

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