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When we first ran into 20 year old Ty Royal, it was in a strip club in St. Louis where we were hosting a party. Ty came up, introduced himself, stripped of his shirt and jeans and, well, we were hooked. He got a job offer that very night. This hunky young man stands just 5'7" tall, weighs in at about 135 lbs. of solid muscle, and is endowed with an 8.5" cock that is very much in demand around his hometown. "Yeah, well it's too bad for most of the sluts who want my dick", he explained. "I only fuck the best. Which is why I'm working for you guys at Citiboyz, because you're hooking me up with top of the line boys to fuck!". And he's right. We're really impressed with Ty and hope he'll be with us for a long time, so we're definitely giving him the top boys in the stable. Of course, Ty's not doing this as a career. He's in college studying Physiology, and plans to work in the medical field upon graduation. But in the meantime, he's adding to his income by showing the world that hot, hot body. "I work out. I run. I eat right. I'm really hoping to work with you guys as long as I stay fit", he told us. Sounds good to us, too :-)

Page Published 7/20/11

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Ty Royal

Featured in:
Allboy Magazine (Dec. 2011), Badpuppy Magazine (#50, Nov. 2014).

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