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Here's a hottie for ya! Meet 18 year old Tyreice Wells from Chicago. Slender and ripped/toned... standing 5'7" tall... 130 lbs. of sleek sexuality. And a 9.5" dick that gets hard on command... a director's dream. "Fuck yeah, I hope that gets me some porn work!", he laughed. "It's true, though. Show me something I think's hot... a built dude, for example... or maybe just an awesome smile... and my dick's hard as fuck". Tyreice told us he's versatile in bed, but prefers to top. And he loves sucking a nice hard rod, as well as getting his own sucked. "Dude, it's hard to find a guy who can take my dick, ya know. But if they can, I'm all aggressive n' shit. I'll grab his head and fuck his face. Or hold onto his hips and pound his ass. Or maybe both". He told us he cums a lot and can shoot far on occasion. "So yeah, I guess that makes me a real sex machine, huh?". Yes, it does. And they're not easy to find, so we're happy to have Tyreice join the family :-)

Page Published 12/1/08

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Tyreice Wells

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