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If you like 'em skinny and cute, you're gonna love Zack, 18 year old Chicago native. Zack's 5'10" tall, 128 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes and 7" cut. He's currently in college and works part time at a downtown hotel, where we've heard he's had some sexy encounters. "Haha, yeah. Where did you hear that?", he laughed. "Just kidding. I know I told you all about them during our photoshoot. That's what got me so fucking hard! Like the two hot football players that were staying at the hotel and fucked me so hard I couldn't sit down for 3 days. Oh fuck, that was a hot scene. And the bellboy who sucked my cock under the front desk while I checked in guests. I fuckin' love that job!". Obviously, Zack's a bottom boi, but what else does he like? "Well, I love to suck big juicy dicks. And I love getting my ass eaten. If a guy rims me really good, that's gonna make me really horny. I'll be begging for him to fuck me. And I'm a little kinky, too, but maybe I shouldn't tell you guys too much, huh? Let's just say it involves leather accessories *wink*". We hope to learn more from Zack when we work with him again :-)

Page Published 3/1/09

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Zack Walton

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