How am I chosen
for a specific shoot?
When setting up a shoot, we take into consideration the location of the shoot, the time available on-location, your availability, transportation issues, and casting, of course. Casting is as important as anything else... we need to make sure that the cast looks good together, would be sexually compatible, and right for the roles to be played.
How are models matched for action scenes?
We, the producers, try to pair up models based on (1) who we think would look good together, (2) what we know to be the model's sexual preferences, and (3) the chemistry we observe between the models under consideration. It's very difficult to set up specific pairings before we meet everyone in person, but sometimes we take a chance!
Do you allow people to watch?
Generally speaking, we don't like extra people on the set. They have a tendency to get in the way, and to make the models feel intimidated.
What about sex itself? What do I have to do?
First of all, we will not ask models to do anything they feel strongly about not doing. Secondly, we do our best to screen models for any health-related problems, to put everyone's concerns at ease.
What's your position on barebacking?
We film both condom and bareback scenes. Your preference is always respected.
What about HIV/STD testing?
We require that all models get tested for STD's (including HIV) within 30 days of shooting with us, and you will be tested for HIV on-location when you arrive at the shoot. Be honest on the application and tell us you're HIV+ if you are. We'll still try to find a place for you.
What's the atmosphere like on a shoot?
As much as possible, we like the models to remain clear-headed and relaxed. It may get very boring at times you're not working, but it's important to remember that the shoot is not a party. This is a job that you are hired for, and you should take it seriously. The company has a lot of time and money invested in the shoot, and your cooperation is essential for success.
So you must
have rules, then?

We call them "The Three D's". No dick, no drugs, no drama.

(1) In order to conserve your sexual energy and prevent drama or the appearance of favoritism, we insist that there be no sexual contact between the models off-camera.

(2) Due to the negative effects on performance, we will not tolerate the use of illegal substances.

(3) Drama can ruin a good shoot. We need the models to set aside personal issues and concentrate on the work.

If you're unwilling to observe the rules, please don't even apply. If you break the rules, we reserve the right to fire you and send you home.

How many
scenes will I do?
All models are required to do a solo photoset. Most models will do a solo j/o video (although it's not required). If we want you for action scenes, how many you do will depend on the project.
How are we paid?
Models are paid at the time of the shoot, by cash or company check. You will sign model releases at the same time.
What about transportation,
food etc?
Transportation is provided at our expense, of course. We will reimburse you for a reasonable amount for you to drive to a shoot. If we fly you to a shoot, we are responsible for expenses on an "airport to airport" basis, meaning that you are responsible for getting to and from the airport you leave from and we are responsible for you the rest of the time. On location, if food is not provided, we give you a food allowance in cash.
Do I get copies of my video and photos?
Yes. We'll send you a free copy of every video you're featured in, plus copies of your photos.
I am interested, and I think I have what it takes. What next?
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