Tropical T****s 2
Puppies in Paradise!

With Mikey Diaz, Evan Lucas, Ethan Masters, Ryan Phillips, Zachary Pierce, Todd Starr & Matthew Summers

Directed by Steve Shay

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Scene 1: Mikey Diaz in his Debut Video!
Our latino beauty Mikey Diaz is proof that good things come in small packages. He may only measure in at five foot and four inches tall, but his eight inch, uncut dick more then makes up for it. Mikey stares playfully from the upper sun deck at two of his friends, sunning themselves below. As his playful curiosity turns towards sexual desire, he massages himself through his biker shorts, allowing his sleeping giant to awake. He pounds his luscious meat to an explosive climax of heavy breathing, quivering muscles, and of course, loads of cum all over his naked chest and stomach. Don't be fooled by his boyish looks and apparent innocence, for Mikey will be the first to show you how the game is played.

Scene 2: Zachary Pierce
Nothing like a warm, sunny walk along the beautiful and scenic streets of Key West. Zachary Pierce, returning from a busy day of sightseeing, shopping and cruising, decides to slip away into a corner of the resort to relieve his sexual tension. He quickly tears away his clothing to reveal the fine contours and lines of his toned and naked physique. His raging hard-on continues to grow as he massages his milky, smooth chest. As the moans begin to escape from his lips, he erupts in an orgasmic display of sweat and boy juice.

Scene 3: Ryan Phillips & Todd Starr
18 year old Ryan Phillips is enjoying himself on his first day in the Florida Keys. Oblivious to Todd Starr eyeing him over from across the bar, Ryan converses with the bartender before heading to the gym. Stripping away his shirt from his sweaty body, Ryan works out, feeling the sensation in more than just his muscles. Curious Todd wanders into the room, more than willing to show young Ryan some things or two about working out and building up a sweat. The boys enjoy several positions of oral pleasure before climaxing with Todd pounding Ryan's virgin ass. Concluding this lustful escapade, both boys explode with creamy boy goodness, covering themselves from neck to crotch.

Scene 4: Evan Lucas & Mikey Diaz
Yummy newcummer Mikey Diaz and our cute California boy Evan Lucas enjoy some time together before deciding to get to know each other a little more. They sneak into a nearby room and wrestle playfully about. Playfully only if you don't mind the raging hard-on growing rapidly in your jeans. The wrestling continues before Mikey decides that as much as he enjoys a good wrestle, it just can't hold a candle to a good dick in your mouth. The two cuties, dicks throbbing and mouths dripping, go for the gold, sucking and licking in every position imaginable. They finally blow their huge loads, with Evan's spraying the entire bed and headboard.

Scene 5: Ethan Masters & Matthew Summers
The adorable Ethan returns to the screen along with newcummer Matthew Summers. The two boys are enjoying a sunny day in Key West, working on eliminating those nasty tan lines when more than just the temperature begins to rise. These sunbathing beauties passionately kiss and caress each other before sensually sucking on each others long, throbbing cocks. Matthew leads Ethan over to the jacuzzi only to get more comfortable before Ethan plows his thick rod deep inside young Matthew. Knowing that all is fair in love and sexual favors, the two boys switch and Matthew takes a turn plowing Ethan. The two boys cum in a shower of cum, drenching both boys from neck to knee. This scene is hot, sexy, and guaranteed to make you blow your load
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Models in Vol. 21:
Mikey Diaz
Evan Lucas
Ethan Masters
Ryan Phillips
Zachary Pierce
Todd Starr
Matthew Summers