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With Andrew Medina, Baretta Fox, Brent Crymes, Matthew Summers, Mike Kedzie, Ryan Phillips, Seth Reece, Zeke Turner, Garrett Brennan & Rusty Clark

Directed by Steve Shay

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Horny 18 year-old Andrew strokes his meaty- bone in the hot tub. Watch him blow a load of hot and creamy boy-jizz!

Cute blond Baretta Fox jerks off on the sofa, and rewards himself with a nice load of boi juice which splashes all over his tight belly.

18 year-old Brent is blessed with a huge cock. He gets it right in your face, big and hard, strokes it for you and then sucks himself!

Alone and horny, 18/m Matthew Summers pounds his 9 inches of throbbing cock just for you. Lots of awesome closeups will make you feel like you're right there in the action!

Punk boy Mike 19/m, hung like a horse and gets it right in your face, all the while wishing your hot mouth was workin on it for him!

Ryan Phillips in the workout room, workin' on his hard and wet erection. Ryan gets off thinking about fucking a nice hot willing ass!

Showered and feelin' good leads Seth Reece to thoughts of hard sex, especially the thought of your hard cock driving deep inside him.

Adorable, shaved Zeke shows you what horny 18 year-olds do after school. He wants you to join him! Great, playful & teasing expressions!

Bonus Scene: Garrett Brennan & Rusty Clark in a double jerkoff scene. We didn't have room for it in Vol. 23 "Pleasure Paradise", but we didn't want the cum to go to waste!
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Models in Vol. 24:
Andrew Medina
Baretta Fox
Brent Crymes
Matthew Summers
Mike Kedzie
Ryan Phillips
Seth Reece
Zeke Turner
Garrett Brennan
Rusty Clark