Beyond Imagination
Starring Mikey Diaz

With Brandon Baker, Garrett Brennan, Nathan Brooks, Corbin Michaels, Gabriel Miera, David Ocean, Kyle Peterson, Daxter Ryan, Ty Whitney & Cody Wolff. Also featuring Noah Christianson and Carter Vance in non-sexual roles.

Directed by Steve Shay

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Noah Christianson and Carter Vance are two good buddies who fantasize constantly about hot sex, and you get to see their fantasies come to life! Six hot fantasies; six hot action scenes! Plenty of sucking, fucking and hot, creamy cum!

Fantasy 1: Fucking in the Hot Tub
Delicious blonde Brandon Baker gives up his smooth ass for his sultry latino friend Gabriel. After trading hot blowjobs, Brandon bends over and begs for Gabriel to fuck him. Gabriel plows his buddy's hot hole for a long time... so long in fact that it got dark and the two fuck-buddies had to finish up in the bedroom. Brandon blows a nice load, followed by Gabriel's mega-large cumshot.

Fantasy 2: Waking Up to a Hard Cock
18 year-old Mikey Diaz wakes up to find fellow Latino boi Gabriel Miera standing directly in front of him, suggestively massaging his crotch. That's enough for horny little Mikey, who takes out his friend's cock and begins to swallow it down his throat. After the boyz get naked, Gabriel wraps his lips around Mikey's massive pole and sucks his huge uncut monster into his mouth. Mikey wants his ass fucked, though, and Gabriel willingly obliges, bringing both young studs to climax.

Fantasy 3: Getting Fucked by the Pool
Skinny boi Ty Whitney and his toned, muscular friend Corbin Michaels take a refreshing dip in the pool, followed by a super hot suck and fuck session at poolside in the shade. Corbin knows how to fuck, and gives Ty's little ass a hard, deep pounding that gets Ty really moaning and screaming. Ty blows an ample load on himself, followed by his friend's juicy cumshot.

Fantasy 4: Fear of Being Discovered
Daxter Ryan and David Ocean sneak into someone's backyard and decide to skinnydip in their pool. One thing leads to another and soon David has Daxter's 9.5" rod sliding down his throat. David expertly eats Daxter's pole, and then gets to fuck him for dessert. Daxter greedily takes his buddy's cock up his hot ass. Both boyz shoot nice loads before they sneak away.

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Fantasy 5: In the Great Outdoors
Mikey returns to have some fun outside with his pal Garrett. The boyz take turns sucking each other's thick uncut cocks before Mikey gets down to business... he bends Garrett over and plows his buddy's tight hole for all it's worth. Spectacular cumshot by Mikey.

Fantasy 6: Str8 Boy Threesome
18 year-old cutie Kyle Peterson, curious about gay sex, is flipping through the pages of a porn mag when he is suddenly surprised by his friends Cody Wolff and Nathan Brooks. All three boyz are horny as hell. Cody and Nathan decide to teach Kyle a thing or two and are soon taking turns shoving their cocks between Kyle's sweet lips. After getting his face fucked by his friends, Kyle begs to be fucked deep and hard, which both boyz gladly do.

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Models in Vol. 31:
Mikey Diaz
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Garrett Brennan
Nathan Brooks
Corbin Michaels
Gabriel Miera
David Ocean
Kyle Peterson
Daxter Ryan
Ty Whitney
Cody Wolff
Noah Christianson