Skaterboyz Diaries 2
Starring Mikey Diaz

With Jeremiah Baltich, Donavin Fitch, Ian Frost, Brenden Michael, Sabastian Nohart and Sean Tyler

Directed by Steve Shay

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"Skaterboyz 2" received a coveted AAAA Rating from Adult Video News, held 12 consecutive weeks on the JRL National Top 50 Gay Rentals Chart, peaking at #2, attained the #5 spot on the AVN National Top 75 for Sept. 2005, and was nominated for Best T***k Video of 2005 in the GayVN Awards competition, the "Oscars" of gay porn.

Mikey's back in town, and he's brought his best friend Sabastian along for the fun! In Scene 1, Mikey and Sabastian hook up with raver/skater Jeremiah and turn him into a hungry cock-slut for their pleasure. Mikey and Sabastian take turns face-fucking horny Jeremiah until everyone shoots their big loads.

In Scene 2, Jeremiah and his friend Brenden happen upon sexy Donavin Fitch, who invites them to take a relaxing open-air shower. Seeing each other naked soon makes the guys horny, though, and in no time their cocks are out and being sucked. Everybody gets to slurp on each other's hard cock before cute tattooed Jeremiah sits on Brenden's hard rod and fucks him till they all blow loads.

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Scene 3 features lanky lads Ian Frost and Sean Tyler. Fresh from frolicking at the beach, they return home to suck and fuck. Ian takes a real pounding from his big-dicked buddy Sean, who shoots a cannon-like load across Ian's chest.

Ian and Sean return in Scene 4, this time joined by hottie Donavin Fitch. Ian takes turns swallowing Donavin's and Sean's throbbing cocks before getting on his hands and knees to take it up the ass from both buddies. Donavin and Sean take turns (twice!) on their slender blond friend before everyone busts their nut!

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Mikey and Sabastian return in Scene 5. They're visiting Brenden on his houseboat, when they all start feeling horny. Brenden starts things off by whipping his dick out, and soon all three guys are sucking cock on the couch. When Mikey starts fucking Sabastian, Brenden looks on but can't resist getting in on the action, so he gets behind Mikey and all three guys fuck "train style"!

Scene 6. All too soon Mikey's vacation is over, but he's not sad because he realizes that he's fallen in love with his best friend Sabastian, and that Sabastian cares for him too. On their last night in paradise, they share passionate love making that seals their new bond and brings our story to a close!

Bonus Solo Scene. Ian Frost.
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Models in Vol. 37:
Jeremiah Baltich
Mikey Diaz
Donavin Fitch
Ian Frost
Brenden Michael
Sabastian Nohart
Sean Tyler

Page Published 8/27/05