Fuck Buddies
Friends with benefits!

With Aaron Armstrong, Ricky Flores, Patrick Grenshaw, Jaden Gunn, Korey Haze, Jayson Masters, Chad Ryans, Justin Slater. And Citiboyz Exclusive Sabastian Nohart.

Directed by Steve Shay

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Another award-nominated video for Citiboyz! In Mar. 2007 "Fuck Buddies" was nominated for "Best T***k Video" at the Grabby Awards in Chicago!

Jayson Masters and Korey Haze are here to tell the story of five sets of hot-ass fuck buddies, including themselves! Be sure to check out the end of the video, because Jayson and Korey deliver an extra special finish... a "creamy" finish if you know what we mean!

18 year-old Chad Ryans and 19 year-old Aaron Armstrong are college roomies, sitting around one Saturday drinking some beers and getting a little horny. Chad, the bold one, whips out his cock and starts stroking it. This gets his buddy Aaron kinda worked up too, so before long both boyz have their hard cocks out and are giving each other hand jobs. That's not enough for Chad, though. He goes down on Aaron's gorgeously shaped rod, slurping and deep throating for all he's worth. Before it's over, Chad is sitting on his fuck buddy's hot cock and getting pounded hard!

Sabastian (20) and Ricky (19) meet up while skateboarding, and decide to chill at Ricky's apartment. A little bit of cheap wine loosens the inhibitions, and the talk turns to sex. Ricky (who's drooling with lust for his friend) finally gets his wish when Sabastian agrees to play around, and soon he's swallowing his buddy's uncut cock down his throat. Ricky's also uncut, and Sabastian delights in giving it some awesome head action. Finally, Ricky lets his fuck buddy drill his ass good. He sits on it, and then bends over for some hot, hard doggy-style action. These two boyz are mega-shooters and their cumshots are incredible.

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The term "brotherly love" takes on new meaning in this scene, featuring fair skinned, red-haired "brothers" Patrick (19) and Jarrin (21). Dad's at work and he told his boyz to clean up the garage. Boyz being boyz, they goof off and eventually end up drenching each other with the hose, which leads to some "mine looks bigger than yours" comparison, which leads to some heavy cocksucking action! Patrick's never done anything with a guy before, but his older bro takes care of that, offering up his smooth ass for his new fuck buddy Patrick's thick cock to plunder!

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Sometimes fuck buddies need to bust a nut so badly but there's no place to fuck! So they find a dark corner to suck each other off, just like buddies Jaden (21) and Justin (22). While their friends are partying upstairs, these two horny dudes slip away to the basement for some serious cock swallowing. The intensity is unreal as these two hotties slobber all over each others thick rods, finally taking turns shooting creamy ropes of jizz on their chests. This is a cum lover's delight!

20 year old "country boy" Korey is washing his pickup truck one day when his 19 year old friend (and fuck buddy) Jayson stops by and offers to help. But Jayson's pretty horny and can't keep his hands off his friend, so when the truck is clean they back it into the garage, close the door and have some fun with each other. Korey tries to choke down Jayson's meaty 9" rod, almost gagging on it. Jayson loves sucking on Korey's 8" uncut cock, but he loves getting it up his ass even more, so he lets Korey shove it in his tight ass and gets banged hard. Both boyz shoot big cum loads, but Korey's is impressive. You won't want to miss it, trust us!

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Models in Vol. 41:

Aaron Armstrong
Ricky Flores
Patrick Grenshaw
Jaden Gunn
Korey Haze
Jayson Masters
Sabastian Nohart
Jarrin North
Chad Ryans
Justin Slater

Page Published 9/17/06