Too Cute To Be Straight!
The cuties... re-edited and re-mastered.

With Blake Ashton, Tyler Hart, Troy Timmons, Jaison Lawrence, Adam Kincaid, Gage Powers, Codi Sparkz, Jereme Austin, Chase Adams, Jeremy West, Corey Stevens, Sean Storm & Gavin Thomas.

Directed by Steve Shay

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By popular demand, we've re-engineered your favorite action scenes and solo performances from the early days. These are the ones that you, the viewers, have asked for! So, we've painstakingly re-digitized, re-edited and re-mastered these hot scenes into a DVD that's sharper, clearer and even hotter (yes, hotter!) to watch than the originals. You won't be disappointed!

"Too Cute To Be Straight", Gay Video News AAAA Rating, November 2007

Corey Stevens cumshot nominated "Best Cumshot" in the 2008 Grabby Awards,
and the 2008 European Gay Porn Awards!

Blake Ashton and Jereme Austin take some time off from painting the bathroom to enjoy each other's bodies. After some passionate making out, they take turns sucking each other's cocks. Then Jereme slides his dick deep into Blake's willing ass and fucks him good and hard. Juicy cumshots from each of the boyz round out a passionate scene that's been a viewer favorite!

Gage, Codi & Tyler can't get much work done because they're too horny. Tyler feels left out of the action, though, as Codi & Gage mess around, but not to worry! Gage comes to the rescue, and soon Tyler is right there in the "thick" of it, and he gets the last laugh anyway, because he delivers a massive splashing cumshot over his buddies faces. Tyler's porn career was short, but this scene's always been a special favorite of his fans.

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Chase and Jeremy were actual lovers at the time, and you can see and feel the attraction they had for each other. They kiss lovingly, suck cock tenderly, and fuck energetically, yet with a gleam in their eyes that conveys their feelings for each other. Hot as it is, this scene's long been a favorite of fans of sex that's a little more romantic.

Adam & Jaison are fooling around in the jacuzzi tub while their buddy Troy sleeps. But they're horned up and wanting a third for fun, so they wake Troy, carry him to the tub, throw him in and force him to suck their dicks and eat their asses until he's so fucking horny he's begging to be fucked. What follows is a super hot double-penetration fuck, made all the more hot by Troy's verbal-ness. Troy admitted later that it was the best sex he'd had in his life, and you'll agree after you see this #1 viewer favorite!

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We lifted this from a longer scene, because it's this part of it that our fans loved so much that they copied it and posted it all over the internet. To this day, we still see bits and pieces on random websites, but here's the uncut, full screen version for you! Plus, we left in some of the after-cumshot footage we got while the camera was still running. You'll love it!

Sean Storm (now "Superstar" Sean Storm) in his first video appearance, doing a "college boy" solo scene. It's not hard to see why this young man charmed his way into the porn business like he did. This scene is definitely a fan favorite.

The single most popular solo scene in Citiboyz history. Corey Stevens, cute as a button, plays the "bad-boi" Corey, putting on a hot stroke session for you, before delivering a most incredible cumshot that must be seen to be believed. Corey Stevens fans... you know what we mean!

Another viewer favorite! Troy's so fucking cute in this scene, and he really plays to the viewer with his facial expressions and body angles, plus it doesn't hurt that he has a 9" cock to show off! He's going to make you feel like you're right there with him, and that makes this scene a fan fave!

College preppy boi Adam Kincaid strips off his skin-tight boxerbriefs, plays to the camera and delivers a nice juicy load just for you! Prep boyz are hot, and this one's a viewer favorite.

Some boyz can be "bad boi" and "cute" at the same time, like Toronto-born Jaison Lawrence. This young man's got a thick, hard cock that's a delight to watch, plays to the camera like a natural show-off, and has long been a fan fave!
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Models in Vol. 45:

Blake Ashton
Tyler Hart
Troy Timmons
Jaison Lawrence
Adam Kincaid
Gage Powers
Codi Sparkz
Jereme Austin
Chase Adams
Jeremy West
Corey Stevens
Sean Storm
Gavin Thomas

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