Too Hot To Handle!
The hotties... re-edited and re-mastered.

With Bryan Summers, Andy Cortez, Jake Wolfe, Calib Cox, Chad Spyce, Ethan Masters, Liam Anderson, Jarrin North, Chris Cortez, Troy Timmons, Christian Connor, Joey Landis and Eion Reilly.

Directed by Steve Shay

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By popular demand, we've re-engineered another DVD featuring your favorite action scenes and solo performances from the early days. These are the ones that you, the viewers, have asked for! So, we've painstakingly re-digitized, re-edited and re-mastered these hot scenes into a DVD that's sharper, clearer and lots more fun to watch than the originals. We've also added 3 solo scenes from Citiboyz newcummers, so we can introduce these hot boyz without delay!

We start off with one of our all-time fan favorites, featuring thick-hung Calib Cox and tall blonde beauty Chad Spyce. The setting is a NASCAR-themed room. The boys engage in some passionate making out, and then get right into some serious cock sucking. Calib licks Chad's delightful yummy ass, and then fucks it good and hard. Lots of hot ass-bangin' and juicy cumshots.

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Another fan favorite, featuring tall blond Liam "11 Inch" Anderson, and his diminutive partner, Ethan Masters. Ethan's no slouch in the dick department, though. His thick 8 inch dick stands out on his 5'4" frame, and it's all Liam can eat. But the real fun comes when Liam decides to fuck his friend, which he does quite skillfully, and in multiple positions. Ethan takes it like a champ and the two young men erupt in well-deserved gushers of hot cum!

Two summer camp buddies, Jarrin North & Chris Cortez, are out on the cabin porch playing a little foosball. Being two horny boys, they make a bet that "loser bottoms" and that ends up being Jarrin, the 19 year old redhead. He lubes his buddy's cock with saliva from his expert sucking, then (after a little tasty rimming from Chris) takes a pounding up the ass. Both boys enjoyed it, though, as you'll see from their powerful cumshots. This scene has been a top fan favorite for a long time!

It's winter, and Troy & Christian come inside to warm up. But the warmth makes them horny (besides warm!) and soon the clothes are coming off. Christian swallows Troy's 9" pole like it was a popsicle, slurping down every inch. Then Troy positions his lean body to give his friend the fuck of a lifetime, and that he does. You can tell from Christian's expressions and from his moaning that he's getting one hell of a hot fuck! Fans of Troy Timmons rate this scene one of their top two faves, right behind the double penetration scene in Citiboyz Vol. 45.

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Set in lush, tropical Key West, models Joey Landis and Eion Reilly team up in this fan favorite. Eion had never been fucked before (yes, he was a virgin to anal sex before this scene was shot), and it's up to Joey to change that. We should all be so lucky, right? The boys suck each other expertly (Eion wasn't a virgin to oral) before Joey slides his perfectly shaped cock deep inside Eion's virgin tunnel and fucks the boy hard! Fans have long rated this scene a favorite.

Newcummer Bryan Summers in his debut performance! This young man's sure to please, and you won't believe his cumshot. He shoots far, and shoots a lot! You cum freaks out there are going to love this solo!

Newcummer Andy Cortez, 19 year old Spanish-American hottie, teases you with his tight slender body and thick, mouth-watering cock. He strokes it nice and slow and sensual, then picks up the speed and busts a huge, juicy load all over his chest and belly!

Newcummer Jake Wolfe, one of the many REAL straight boys who come to work for us, puts on a hot show for you. Fans of boys smoking will enjoy watching Jake take drags on his cigarette in between strokes on his thick dick!
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Models in Vol. 47:

Bryan Summers
Andy Cortez
Jake Wolfe
Calib Cox
Chad Spyce
Ethan Masters
Liam Anderson
Jarrin North
Chris Cortez
Troy Timmons
Christian Connor
Joey Landis
Eion Reilly

Page Published 1/6/08