Tight Ass T****s
Starring Devin "10 Inch" Moss

With Ace Sinclair, Jonny Sinclair, Brooklyn Ray, Luke Anthony, Jayson Masters, Justyn Steele and Jake Blade. With Special Guest Star Trystian Sweet.

Directed by Steve Shay

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"Tight Ass T****s" received a rating of AAAAA by Gay Video News (GayVN), the gay adult industry's premier trade magazine, and was nominated for "Best T***k Video" in both the 2009 GayVN Awards and the Grabby Awards competitions!

Scene 1, "Room for Rent"
Devin comes to check out the apartment Trystian's renting, but ends up checking out more than he expected! Trystian couldn't help noticing the big bulge in Devin's jeans, so he made him an offer Devin couldn't refuse, which included cock sucking, an ass-rimming flip flop, and Trystian's cock buried deep in 18 year-old Devin's tight ass!

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Scene 2, "Rock Out With Your Cock Out"
Horny "rocker boyz" Justyn Steele and Jake Blade sneak away from the bar to get some action down in the storage room. First, Jake gets on his knees to suck Justyn's hard rod, then Justyn returns the favor. But these boyz are too horny to stop there, so Justyn gets on his back on the floor and takes a pounding from his buddy Jake. Lots of sweat & cum!

Scene 3, "Cruising for Cock"
18 year old Devin decides to visit the bath house, where he runs into ex-Marine jock Ace Sinclair. This is like the "battle of the big dicks"! Ace greedily sucks Devin's massive 10-incher, then feeds his own 9.5 incher to the boy. Once they get a room, the action really starts, though. Ace's eyes almost pop out when Devin shoves his thick rod up his ass, but he loves it. Then the boyz flip-flop and Ace rams it to his young friend. Lots of messy cumshots... facials too!

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Scene 4, "Bath House Boy"
Innocent little 18 year old cutie, Luke Anthony, comes to the bath house for the first time, full of curiosity. So, he wanders around... checking the place out. First the locker room.. then he spots our favorite bath house denizen, Ace Sinclair, who beckons him into a room. After some hot oral action, he ends up in the shower, where he plays around with Brooklyn and Jayson, before Ace shows up to take the boy's virgin ass! Everybody gets involved in this hot scene.

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Devin Moss
Ace Sinclair
Jonny Sinclair
Brooklyn Ray
Luke Anthony
Jayson Masters
Justyn Steele
Jake Blade
Trystian Sweet

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