Boys Night at the Baths
Starring Giovanni Summers

With Aaron Castillan, Brandon Cyler, Jayden Grey and L. T. Mkay.

Directed by Steve Shay

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Filmed entirely in 16x9 Widescreen format. This all-original video features a cast of five young hotties frolicking all night at the bath house, where anything can happen... and does! Also features a cumshot compilation and trailers from other hot Citiboyz features. Certified hit; 8 weeks on the Top 100 Chart!

LT joins Jayden for a workout, but the two are horny for each other and decide a different kind of workout is in order. LT drops to his knees to suck Jayden's big dick, and bobs up and down on it nicely. Jayden returns the favor, too. Then Jayden slides his thick dick deep inside LT's cute ass and fucks him good. Two juicy cumshots complete the workout!

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Giovanni and Aaron are busy cruising each other in the shower, but are being watched by towel-boy Brandon, who ulimately joins in the fun as soon as Giovanni starts sucking on Aaron's massive dick. Employees aren't supposed to play with the customers, though! So all Brandon can do is watch, but he eventually joins the boyz upstairs for the hot fuck session and finally gets to bust his nut with the others.

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LT, Jayden, Giovanni & Aaron are still horny, so when they meet up in the lounge, one thing leads to another and pretty soon dicks are getting sucked! Along comes cute towel-boy Brandon, but this time the boyz drag him into the action. Jayden aggressively pumps the boi's mouth with his huge pole, followed by the other guys. Then Jayden and Giovanni take turns pounding the towel-boy's ass until everyone blows their hot load!

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Here's a cute bonus scene for you! Jayden can't wait to get home to jack off, so Giovanni gets out the camera and we shoot a little impromptu solo scene while cruising down the highway!

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Models in Vol. 55:
Giovanni Summers
Aaron Castillan
Brandon Cyler
Jayden Grey
L. T. Mkay

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