Big Poles, Tight Holes
Introducing Cody Kyler

With Giovanni Summers, Karter James, Sean Tyler, Bret Lawson, Shane Stone, Ashton Meyers, Caleb Shelton, Korey Haze and Jayson Masters.

Directed by Steve Shay

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Nominated for "Best Movie of the Year" in the Cybersocket Web Awards competition! Winner to be announced in Feb. 2010 in Los Angeles.

Another in our "hybrid dvd" series, where we combine new footage with re-mastered, re-edited footage of fan favorite scenes to create a fresh, new look! In this video, be sure to look for newcummer Cody Kyler in his first-ever appearance on video... together with another fresh face, Karter James, and superstar Giovanni Summers!

All-new action scene! Synopsis: The plan was to have been Giovanni, Karter & Cody playing "students" making a Home-Ec project. But after many, many takes and frustrations, it just wasn't working. So we thought "fuck it" and took the boys (who were already and horny and eager) and had them get into the sex without a storyline. And it was hot! Cody was a good bottom boi for both Gio and Karter, there was plenty of sucking & fucking and lots of juicy cum!

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In this re-mastered scene, 20 year-old str8 stud Caleb discovers his supposed str8 buddy Ashton's gay porn magazine, and confronts him with it. Caleb teases his friend a little... then offers to let him suck his cock. Ashton's a little hesitant at first, but soon loses his inhibitions and chows down on Caleb's enormous fuck-pole, slurping and licking and swallowing like he's needed it forever. Caleb returns the favor, but what he really wants is to tag his buddy's ass. He doesn't have to wait long! Ashton wants it as much as Caleb does... he gives up his cherry to Caleb in a hard pounding that climaxes in hot sticky jizz shooting everywhere!

In this re-mastered fan favorite, 20 year old "country boy" Korey is washing his pickup truck one day when his 19 year old friend (and fuck buddy) Jayson stops by and offers to help. But Jayson's pretty horny and can't keep his hands off his friend, so when the truck is clean they back it into the garage, close the door and have some fun with each other. Korey tries to choke down Jayson's meaty 9" rod, almost gagging on it. Jayson loves sucking on Korey's 8" uncut cock, but he loves getting it up his ass even more, so he lets Korey shove it in his tight ass and gets banged hard. Both boyz shoot big cum loads, but Korey's is impressive. You won't want to miss it, trust us!

Another re-mastered, re-engineered scene.Shane and Sean meet fellow runner Bret while in the park one summer afternoon. After a little chit-chat, they decide to head over to Shane's apartment for some fun, which turns out to be seducing the new guy (Bret), who eagerly goes along with their plans once they start sucking his hard cock. Bret gets a bit verbally aggressive with the other two, ordering them to please him and themselves, but the boyfriends Shane & Sean turn the tables on Bret, making him double-suck their hot cocks before Shane begs both Bret and Sean to fuck him. This is a hot scene!

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Models in Vol. 56:
Giovanni Summers
Karter James
Cody Kyler
Sean Tyler
Bret Lawson
Shane Stone
Ashton Meyers
Caleb Shelton
Korey Haze
Jayson Masters

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