Boys Night at the Baths 2
Starring Eric Austyn

With Damon Audigier, Krist Cummings, J.D. Hawke and Blake Hunter.

Directed by Steve Shay

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Filmed entirely in 16x9 Widescreen format. This all-original, all-action video features a cast of five young studs sucking and fucking their way through a night at Milwaukee's Midtowne Spa!

Spikey blond J.D. (the towel boy) is making his rounds through the bath house. Being kinda horny, he decides to check closely on Eric and Krist. J.D. really wants to get in on the action, but duty calls, leaving Eric and Krist alone to practice deep throating each others cocks before Krist willingly takes a pounding from Eric's thick tool.

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Loser has to bottom! But Blake doesn't mind. In fact, he might have lost the game on purpose just to get some of Eric's massive thick stud meat in his mouth and ass. Blake's a verbal little horndog, and he really gets Eric going with his talk. Or maybe it was a hate-fuck. All we know is that it's fucking hot!

Towel boy J.D. is back at work again, this time checking on Damon and Krist, who are chillin' upstairs in a private room. Seems like Damon & Krist were just waiting for this, though, because they grab cute little J.D. and start taking turns sucking his cock, but not before J.D. shows the boys just the way he likes it. And he likes it so much he stays around while Damon drills Krist's willing boyhole, sharing in the creamy ending!

It's just about morning now, and Blake's in the locker room getting dressed. But while he's away for a few moments, Eric and Damon show up for one more round of hot sucking and fucking. These two are really into each other, and they really put on a great show... but when Blake returns, he's not gonna miss the fun... so he positions himself to take some cumshots... and it's a creamy, gooey end to another "Boys Night" at Midtowne Spa!

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Models in Vol. 59:
Eric Austyn
Damon Audigier
Krist Cummings
J.D. Hawke
Blake Hunter

Page Published 4/27/10