My Summer Vacation, Part 2
Starring Eric Austyn

With Damon Audigier, Cole Hardy, Jake Lyons and Tristan Sterling.

Directed by Steve Shay

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Filmed entirely in 16x9 Widescreen format. Join Eric Austyn and Damon Audigier as they suck and fuck their way through their Florida summer vacation! Part 2 of 2 parts.

Part 2 starts out with Cole and Tristan hooking up at Cole's place, which has sure seen a lot of action this week! Cole's a great cock sucker, and Tristan rewards him with a good hard fuck (which he's good at). Great chemistry and hot sex between these two young men... followed by nice juicy cumshots.

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Poolboy Jake is back at it! In this scene, he's cleaning the pool over at Cole's place while Cole is away. When he's done, he decides to take advantage of his employer's empty house by inviting over Eric and Damon for some hot sucking and fucking action!

Cole and Eric hook up for a twosome in this scene. Cole really wants Eric's big dick, but he's a little afraid of it getting shoved up his ass. But he gets so horny slurping on Eric's massive pole that he's practically begging Eric to fuck him.

Vacation is just about over, but before Damon & Eric say "goodbye" to Orlando and head home, they decide to have one last fuck. And they make it a good one! Eric gives Damon a good face-fucking before pounding his ass with his big cock.

Cole Hardy rubs out a hot load in this cute solo "bonus scene".

Jake Lyons couldn't stop being horny, making for another hot "bonus scene"

Ever been so horny that you just had to pull the car over and jack off? Tristan Sterling shows us what it's like in this sexy little "bonus scene".


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Models in Vol. 62:
Eric Austyn
Damon Audigier
Cole Hardy
Jake Lyons
Tristan Sterling

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