Real & Raw, Orlando
Part One

With Dustyn DeFeo, Jacob Jolie, Michael Moscato, Rio Rojo, Ty Royal and Prince Tyler.

Directed by Steve Shay

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In 2004, we filmed "Real & Raw Las Vegas". In 2006, it was "Real & Raw Miami". Now we're back with the 3rd installment in in our popular "reality porn" franchise, with six hot newcummers! Extra features include daily video diaries from the boys, and plenty of "behind the scenes" footage. You'll want to watch this video all the way through... it's a treat! 19 weeks on the Top 100 Chart; nominated for Best T***k Video in the 2012 Grabby Awards competition!

Jacob & Prince are enjoying some alone time in the pool, but they're feeling kinda horny, so they shower off (including some juicy cock sucking action), followed by some rimming and good hot fucking on the patio.

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Dustyn's in the kitchen, cooking pasta. Ty comes in to see what's up, and both young men are soon involved in some sexy action. Dustyn really loves sucking on Ty's big thick pole, but he loves it even more when he gets it rammed up his tight ass. And Ty gives his buddy a big juicy facial for good measure.

These two sexy young men, Michael and Rio, are more the romantic type in this scene, featuring lots of kissing and foreplay. But they get down to business after awhile and Rio shows Michael what a good hard fuck feels like.

Our first-ever fetish scene! Prince and Rio are messin' around in the shower, then take their session to the jacuzzi, where Rio unleashes a hot stream of boy-piss onto his friend. Prince pisses on himself before spreading his legs for a vibrator assault, then a hard fucking courtesy of Rio's big dick followed by a hot golden stream that runs down Prince's back and between his asscheeks. Damn hot!

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Models in Vol. 68:
Dustyn DeFeo
Jacob Jolie
Michael Moscato
Rio Rojo
Ty Royal
Prince Tyler

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