Real & Raw, Orlando
Part Two

With Dustyn DeFeo, Jacob Jolie, Michael Moscato, Rio Rojo, Ty Royal and Prince Tyler.

Directed by Steve Shay

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In 2004, we filmed "Real & Raw Las Vegas". In 2006, it was "Real & Raw Miami". Now we're back with the 3rd installment in in our popular "reality porn" franchise, with six hot newcummers! Extra features include daily video diaries from the boys, and plenty of "behind the scenes" footage. You'll want to watch this video all the way through... it's a treat! 19 weeks on the Top 100 Chart; nominated for Best T***k Video in the 2012 Grabby Awards competition!

Dustyn's watching tv while Michael and Prince are playing a game. It's kinda obvious to Dustyn that his two friends are feeling frisky, so he exits. What follows is an incredibly hot 30 minutes of sucking, rimming, fucking and creamy cum splashing. These two boys flip-flop suck, and flip-flop fuck. Seriously, they're horned up beyond belief.

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Michael and Ty are relaxing, watching a movie. But you know how it is when two hot young gay boys are sitting too close together, so they're soon messing around. Michael chows down on Ty's big dick, sucking it deep and getting Ty so worked up all he can think about is fucking Michael's tanned ass. Great rimming and cumshots too.

Dustyn and Jacob are sitting around having a convo about boys and sex, which of course leads to you know what! Both young men trade nice wet blowjobs, then Dustyn puts the cock to Jacob's ass, good and hard.

A really cute and sexy scene! Dustyn's trying to teach Rio to shoot pool, only Rio has his mind on other things, including the sexy, hung Ty who's watching from the side and getting all hot and bothered. Lots of intense sucking and fucking here. Rio takes the brunt of the attack from Ty and Dustyn.

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Models in Vol. 69:
Dustyn DeFeo
Jacob Jolie
Michael Moscato
Rio Rojo
Ty Royal
Prince Tyler

Page Published 2/24/12