Crazy for Diego
Starring Diego Starr

With Evan Angel, Brycen Cox and Shane Rogers.

Directed by Steve Shay

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Our fans have really gone crazy for Diego! Maybe it's his boyish look, the innocence, the way he can swallow a huge dick... or maybe it's all those things and more. So we are pleased to release this "hybrid" DVD featuring 4 all-new Diego scenes plus 2 fan-favorites we remastered to fit the widescreen format. It's an all-Diego fiesta of sucking, fucking and cumming we know you'll enjoy over and over.

Diego and Shane seemed hot for each other from the moment they arrived in Orlando for our shoot, and they couldn't wait to get together. They both really enjoy making out, and start off kind of romantically, but after all they're horny young men and soon they're sucking and fucking. Diego loves sucking cock... it's his self-admitted passion... but he also really likes taking a long, hard cock up his ass.

In this remastered fan-favorite, Diego pairs up with Brycen Cox for their first ever sex scene (for each, not just for both). Diego impresses Brycen with his oral skills, but Brycen isn't a slouch in that department either and skillfully deep-throats his young friend before sliding his big rod deep inside Diego's tight ass and fucking him hard.

Everyone loves the sight of Diego's little ass being split open by a huge dick, but Diego's been asking to demonstrate his skills as a top, too. Along comes Evan Angel, power bottom, and the rest is history. Diego shines in this super hot display of his sexual versatility.

We recently re-mastered this fan-favorite scene to allow for the widescreen format. It's only Brycen & Diego's second porn video and they've lost none of the energy of their first encounter. These two were really into each other as you'll see from the intensity of their physical contact.

Diego set a camera on a tripod and recorded himself having some sexy fun. He's playing to the "daddies" in this video. Listen and watch!

Is there nowhere you won't find Diego jacking off? Nope. He loves to show off no matter when and where!



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